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Auping Evolve is the first fully circular mattress ever. A mattress without foam and without glue, the materials of which can be reused forever for a new, fresh mattress. This is partly possible thanks to the  Niaga®  click-unclick adhesive, a connection technique that also enables detachment of materials. This is not only good for the environment, but also very good for your night's sleep.

A different mattress for every body

Auping Evolve is not only made with love and attention for the world, but also with attention for you. For your body. That is why Auping Evolve is available in four different variants, each with a different zoning: the body types. Body types are all about the ratio of your shoulders and hips to your waist. This is how we distinguish between body types X, Y, A and I. Height and weight do not play a role here. This is important for the hardness of your mattress.

Auping Evolve is available in 4 body types (X, Y, A and I) and 3 hardnesses (soft, medium and firm). So there is always a mattress that fits your body perfectly.

Cool and flexible

If you get warm quickly at night, Auping Evolve suits you well. This mattress feels nice and cool. By using polyester (instead of latex or foam) and the Vent-tex® comfort layer, Evolve ventilates very well. And that is important for regulating moisture. Because did you know that you lose approximately 350 ml of fluid every night through your breath and perspiration? That's about as much as two highball glasses of water.
Another advantage of Vent-tex® is that this material is flexible. This makes it easy to turn during the night without waking up.
From size 160cm wide, the mattress core is made in two parts that are zipped together.

  • 90-day trial sleep with exchange guarantee
  • Handmade in our factory in Deventer
  • Auping always offers a full 5-year warranty on all our mattresses
  • Winner of the  Red Dot Design Award 2020
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for people with a latex allergy
  • Suitable for people whose waist is narrower than the shoulders.
  • 20% discount until November 27, 2023
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